Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You Tube as a learning source

I've been finding these great documentaries on you tube recently that are hard or impossible to find in the states. It's starting to be a great source of learning for me. Like having an online video collection.
This one is a French made comics documentary, that I guess was broadcast on the BBC. There are ten parts to it, and it has some interviews I've never seen before. A pretty cool find.


sneph said...

you totally scour youtube, yeah?
i like the new layout on the blog.

Alan said...

Thanks Steph, yeah, I get excited about something and I get obsessed for a while. Hopefully time well spent. Thanks for stoppin in. :)

Lok said...

nice find - wicked to see bill sienkiewicz in person.

Alan said...

Yeah, totally, I love his stuff. :)