Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Wanderings

I've just started regularly going out a hiking in the Baltimore area, mostly at Robert E. Lee Park (I keep telling everybody that Baltimore's a southern town but most people don't believe me)but I just made it out to Gunpowder Falls and it blew my mind... amazing, vast, and unexpected. When I first came out to the east coast my perception was that there wouldn't be that much nature out here, but I was wrong, it's just different. I've seen some amazing sights and terrain that is again...unexpected. What I can't get over though, which is a big difference between west and east is how much people litter here...
It drives me nuts to see trash on the trail, Starbucks cups, empty bottles, wrappers, beer bottles, bags filled with dog poop tied to trees, you get the gist... Why people can't cart that stuff out with them as they go is a mystery to me.

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